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The AthocX Mid-Calf anti-slip socks are the most durable and popular product in the athlete space in India. AthocX socks have grips on the external surfaces of the sock, which grips to your footwear, eliminating any points of slippage. While the fabric provides a locked in feel, the socks do improve stability and security in your footwear and allows you to maximize transfer of energy as you change direction, accelerate and decelerate. Hence, maximizing your performance.


Through innovative production, AthocX anti-slip socks does not only enhance performance, but also adds a level of style with our variety of designs and colours. 


AthocX socks have a softer and more comfortable feel. Even after continued use and cleanings, AthocX will remain soft and flexible.


We want athletes to push their limits and the athletes want a product that can stand the test of time. Our Knitted socks have an extended life compared to the other socks in the market. Rigorous on-field testing and washing/drying have shown that AthocX live up to your expectations.


AthocX have a cushioned base to provide more comfort to the person who wears them. These socks can be used easily with brand new shoes as well since the bulk feel inside the shoe will help you break in. We suggest our athletes to use our cushioned socks with boots that have been broken-in, helping to provide a tighter, more secure fit. We find many athletes who play on artificial turf who have liked our cushioned socks. 

How-To Wear:

Since AthocX grip your footwear, they must be worn with direct with the shoe. Use of a traditional  over AthocX will create a point of slippage and reduce effectiveness.  Footballers cut the foot off of their game socks to create a sleeve.  The sleeve is then used to overlap the AthocX socks, allowing our to perform effectively while still wearing team issued game sock.  It is not recommended to tape too low on the ankle as doing so can restrict ankle mobility and cause discomfort.

How-To Care:

  • Machine wash in cold water with like colours.  
  • No Bleach. 
  • Tumble dry low. 
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